Wednesday, September 28, 2016

India shines at WAF2016| Simple is beautiful in product design| New fine-dine at City Palace, Jaipur| and more


Dear IAnDians,

We heartily congratulate all Indian finalists at the World Architecture Festival Awards 2016! They swell our hearts and our intellect with their amazing work!! IAnD has compiled a list of Indian finalists – do take a look.

It is always a need vs. a want. The perpetual question remains – how much is too much? When we look at product and furniture designer, Constance Guisset’s minimalist interventions, we experience the profound beauty of a simple form. Similarly, when we check out the Baradari fine-dine at City Palace Jaipur, we realize the wealth of heritage that contributes to the adaptive reuse exercise by Studio Lotus. More at places, less at others, design plays on the sensibilities, wrapping form, pattern, texture, material and hue into bespoke function; aesthetically bringing things together for the holistic whole!

Taking this thought further is the subject of design relevance; a social initiative about purifying water for the scarcity-ridden state of California; the transformable architecture prototype indigenously designed to be applicable anywhere around the world.

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Savitha Hira
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Revisiting heritage with a modern concept
Studio Lotus reinterprets legacy into a contemporaneous fabric - effortlessly doing exactly what it excels at - marrying the best of both worlds!
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  IAnD Exclusive
  A room to eat?!
  Dining rooms have come a long way from their original purpose; these days, they serve as aesthetic enhancers doubling up functionally as well...
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  India shines at the World Architecture Festival Awards 2016!
  The biggest award event for architecture is just around the corner and this year, select Indian projects make it to the final list!
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Global Hop
  Lost in space. Found in colour.
  French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux uses centimetre -level accuracy of the quasi-zenith satellite system as a motif in her latest paper-based vivid artwork...
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  Thought n Impact
  This water purifier has strong global relevance!
  Raft Foram, an ecological performative structure, aims to produce fresh water from seawater; its prototype applicable globally to all  areas in need of fresh water...
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  Supple forms and striking products!
  Constance Guisset Studio's designs are an embodiment of the eponymous industrial designer's supple and understated approach to design...
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