Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Now heritage in virtual reality| Fitness do’s get a new footprint| Focus: Ceiling design |A ‘surprise building’ by MVRDV| and more


Dear IAnDians,

Our trending story for the week – accessing Indian heritage in virtual reality is an excellent way of keeping pace with the now with all due respect to our roots. Interaction designer, Sitara Shah’s VR app (nearing-launch) that enables you to tour the Ajanta caves from the comfort of your sofa, if worked out right, can open up to VR the remotest historical and heritage sites with complete details, empowering educationists and knowledge-seekers alike.

Moving on to our other stories, we see that when art is integrated into interiors – there isn’t just one connotation to its application. It manifests in various forms and formats: an organic sculptural or undulating ceiling; mural highlight in a public space; openings in the façade; spatial play of long with wide and the like… each with its distinct contribution to the vocabulary of design.

And getting playful at it, our team scoured through the web to pick out car frontals that often bring to mind a human visage, deciphering its expression – sharing with you the fun we have collating our mix of design stories.

Tell us which story appeals the most.

Happy reading!

Savitha Hira
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Thought n Impact
Now access Indian heritage in VR
Interaction designer Sitara Shah in association with a team at IDC School of Design develops a Virtual Reality app that allows you to explore the heritage Ajanta caves at leisure...
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  Dramatic moves!
  An array of exciting and assertive elements seeks to turn the Pro Fitness Gymnasium in Kurukshetra, Haryana into a benchmark for future fitness spaces...
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Global Hop
  IAnD Exclusive
  Car Face!
  Are car frontals actually modelled on human faces? Check out what we think…
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  The brand language
  With the Black Forest in south-western Germany as the driving muse, retail outlet Drubba Village scores high on its aesthetic interiors...
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  Tech Park for start-ups!
  Hi-tech start-up companies in Shanghai get a new innovation incubator; courtesy Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects…
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  Going vertical!
  Ukraine based Ryntovt Design Studio convert 4 apartments into a single family dwelling, infusing the home with several 'surprise' elements!
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