Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Furniture that helps you carry your weight around| Scenography aboard world’s largest cruise ship| Award-winning Maritime Museum that can submerge into the ocean| and more


Dear IAnDians,

How does one consistently leave a mark? Reinventing one’s own sense of design, styling and a sustained openness in thought is perhaps the answer to a lot of fresh approaches in design. Architect and designer, Natalia Geci’s solution to a nomadic urban urge is the perfect idea for folks in transferable jobs and those possessive about their passionate buys. Do check out the feature; it’s an amazingly fun design.

Another brilliantly used idea that you can take away from our issue is that of mirror cladding – studio Zero9 uses this on the sofa frames and augment the décor with glass sliding panels and reflective surfaces for that upbeat go-between from classic to contemporary. Likewise the themed architecture of the Maritime Museum that sinks into the ocean for that awesome experience of the ocean!

Why not I leave you to read and feel, rather than spell out, uh?

Cheers to new beginnings with the Hindu New Year!

Until next week,

Savitha Hira
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