Wednesday, January 11, 2017

M+M Creative declared 2016 International Space Design Award Winner |Tunisia’s Mahmud Mosque follows High-Low Tech architecture| Casa Green Lattice is a coveted green cocoon amidst Delhi’s pollution| and more


Dear IAnDians,

M+M Creative Studio has been named as the Winner of the 2016 International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS for the 'Best Office Design'. With folks spending almost 80% of their waking hours at work, the environment at the workplace is in a state of constant reinvention. The modern office is a fostering ground for the spirit of congeniality and is flaunting its comfort zones, of late. The award-winning project not only takes care of this aspect; but also ups the quotient of pizzazz and aesthetics in office design.

Endorsing this further is the out-of-box office in Beijing that reinvents its ambience at employees’ will; thus exploring a new dimension every single day. Kudos to the client, who facilitated the designers with a carte blanche that turns office design completely on its head!

So while you ponder on the newbies in office environments, and browse the other stories with their distinctive take-home, we get busy with bringing you another new round of stories that will educate, inspire and regale you!

Happy reading!

Savitha Hira
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Green Living
Renesa Architecture Studio spruces up a dilapidated structure to address the exigency of accommodating nature in living spaces.
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  Bedroom designs for teen boys!
  Designing for a young boy can be a challenge! Team IAnD interacts with various designers to collate some peppy ideas that the little-men just cannot resist!! 
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Global Hop
  High-Low Tech architecture: achieving the best of both worlds!
  Forward-thinking architectural practice, Philippe Barriere Collective uses hybrid architecture to give form to the Mahmud Qabadu Mosque in Tunisia...
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  This office literally inserts 'fun' in the workplace!
  Peer-to-peer housing rental website, Xiaozhu's office is a 'slice of life' collage that regales as it fires creativity...
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  Winner of 2016 International Space Design Award
  What makes the Edmunds’ “EdQuarters” 2016’s International Space Design Award winner? Team IAnD finds out…
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