Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Dear IAnDians,

The striking principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke. Humble numbers, taught to us through our childhood are transformed by designer-artist Emmanuelle Moureaux to such an extent that they help her create a tremendous installation. The use of bold solid colours makes it more pleasurable to the eye.

Contrary to this, a minimalistic look given to the Beehive restaurant in Amsterdam also brings out the best aspect of the space. The combination of white and black with a pop of colour is nothing one has not seen; yet, it is an art to deliver something new within this demeanour.

Nowadays, the contemporary look that’s in is also diversified in various ways. An assortment in the seating with simple straight lines used in an abstract form on the ceiling is what the sky villa apartment in Hyderabad portrays. The process of making a simple thing into a masterpiece is what makes the artist come alive.

Enjoy the issue.

Shabnam Gupta
Guest Editor of the month - "Role of art in interior design & architecture"
Interior Designer & Principal
The Orange Lane & Peacock Life
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