Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spark your entrepreneurship –play the Startup Game| Photovoltaic ice skating rink| Traditional joinery revived in furniture design| and more


Dear IAnDians,

Technology is making new inroads and the multitude interested in the building industry and architecture seems to be growing – our readers are growing and we are growing with them. It is a learning curve – as we explore some new tangents of content presentation, we request your constructive feedback in helping us up the quotient. Do continue to write in and tell us what you like, dislike, want-more-of and do-not-want. Your suggestions and comments are instrumental in maintaining the balance of our relationship.

Meanwhile, this week the focus is on ‘revival’ and ‘technology’ – opposite poles. Whilst the Gounod Apartments and the patio design by Martine Brisson bring out the best of both worlds – historic and modern, this young designer Rooshad Shroff, who has travelled far and is in-the-now, goes back to traditional methodology in an attempt to elevate art!

Taking technology to the highest of prospects is the ice skating rink by Ar. Margot Krasojević, whose cutting-edge design complements her strategic design thinking to the core. Wonder whether we are looking at another Zaha Hadid in the making?!

And lastly check out the Startup Game. It is fun; can be inspiring and definitely a great help in shedding your inhibitions and helping you think openly and freely.

Until next week, ciao!

Savitha Hira
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Material Explorations
Rooshad Shroff explores a design vocabulary that pushes the boundaries of materials with an attempt to create an end product that is not only functional but also visually appealing; with an aim to achieve nuanced and distinctive solutions.
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Global Hop
  The great outdoors!
  Interior designer, Martine Brisson invigorates a heritage home by introducing a patio that combines the idea of a garden and outdoor living through a play of levels...
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  Spark your entrepreneurship - play the Startup Game!
  Need to sharpen business acumen and tell a convincing story to prospective customers, co-founders and investors? The Startup game is just the thing for you!
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  Paradoxical revival
  The Gounod Residence is an intervention project, which revitalises an existing early 20th century house by amalgamating with it, a contemporary structure...  
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  Photovoltaic Ice Skating Rink
  With the intention to have an eco-friendly ice skating rink, Margot Krasojevic Architects designs a contextual solution inherent with solar technology...
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