Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Did you know drones can now paint your facades?| CAZA Architects on sacred spaces| Design as a sales pitch| and more

Square Consultancy Services designs two sales pavillions for potential homeowners, creating an oasis of nature in the concrete jungle that the city of Kolkata is...
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Dear IAnDians,

In a milieu rampant with engagement as key, design plays a facilitator. Our trending story is a huge example of engagement via design. Cultural overtures become integral to a new built form and CAZA Architects embody this in the design of churches - curating spatial interaction with spiritual musings.

With technology habitually breaking new ground, you can now have drones painting your facades pretty. Check out tech wizards' Carlo Ratti's latest exploration.

Leaving you much to 'engage' with...

Savitha Hira




Ceramic with a twist!
Move aside, little teacups! The world of ceramics is going crazy with experimentation…
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Thought n Impact
In nature’s lap!
A contextually-rooted farm-stay in Sindhudurg, endorses the fact that good design can be pocket-friendly…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Want a bespoke façade? Get a drone!
Located in Russia, café Rolls Novinka is designed as a youthful space, with an aim to create...
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IAnD Exclusive
Designing for the Meta-physical
Carlos Arnaiz’s approach to design involves a careful inspection of culture, art and science to accurately reflect...
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Thought n Impact
Want a bespoke façade? Get a drone!
Now use real-time data to customize a bespoke façade using a drone. Tech-wizards, Carlo Ratti Associati show you the way…
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Walk through your magazine – Magmode!
RIGI Design transforms a retail store into a real-life magazine through innovative zoning and a non-intrusive colour palette…
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