Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Free Energy tremor LEDs| ‘Facades that floor you’ by Brenac Gonzalez| Simplicity goes a long way – façades by Renesa Architects| and more…

The Khurana residence in New Delhi designed by Renesa Architecture Design Interior Studio seeks a duality. It aims to impress with an alluring image, whilst it resonates a homely feel…
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The first look is always important. When one looks at a new building, the façade impresses multiple would-be's in the mind's eye. The all-important building skin. Taking its function to different levels of intelligence, architects have often worked with designated and signature vocabularies that have made landmark forays in a city's skyline. We profile three such buildings recently accomplished by architects Brenac & Gonzalez, where the façade becomes the sole differentiator. Do check out the interesting twists and turns that they've accomplished via angles, reflections and material play.

Speaking of façade, Delhi-based Renesa Architects too work on a simple elevational detail to unify an apartment block into a singular home; simultaneously breaking away from the monotonous balcony-atop-balcony typology.

Ushering in nature-views and greenery and the all-important light and ventilation, Vistaar Associates, a design firm from Hyderabad works on a huge residential footprint with the best of minimal lines, leaving the negative spaces to speak for themselves.

This and lots more... read, discover, revel!

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Free energy tremor LED
Commissioned for the Gao family hotels in Ordos, Inner Mongolia and Beijing, Ar. Margot Krasojević designs seismic lighting using electro-magnetic induction LEDs…
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