Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An edible building made of chocolate! | A sculpture with brains!| A treat for racket-sports lovers| and more

What could be more Italian than the 140-year-old gourmet chocolate, Venchi fashioned into an edible pavilion at a theme park dedicated to Italian food culture?!
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Dear IAnDians,

Trust you all had a wonderful festive season with your fill of sweetmeats amid the buoyancy of familial togetherness!

As we enjoyed the same with a brief four-day break, we were warmly welcomed back to some exciting out-of-box design stories that we have collated for you on priority. So, we have for you the sculpture that can change to your likeness just as you decide to interact with it; the beautifully designed architectural Wada Sports store in Japan that is no less than a racket museum; and our special story that makes it to the cover - the chocolate building! Edible therefore sustainable, Carlo Ratti says the only challenge he faced building this pavilion was that parts of it got eaten up along the construction...

Get to them and keep up the spirits!

See you next week!

Savitha Hira




Energizing the workplace
DSP Design Associates takes the unconventional workplace a few steps ahead, creating thematic zones that reflect Indianness in the core of their fabric…
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In case you missed it earlier.
Thought n Impact
Towards a greener society!
At a time, when we need to look at everyday products more responsibly, Therefore Design forays into designing a range of biodegradable tableware…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Beirut Waterfront – go-to for nightlife!
Matsuya Art Works / KTX archiLAB’s design of the new WADA flagship in Japan turns the architectural structure into a huge fixture; especially for racket-sports lovers!
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Thought n Impact
“This sculpture has brains!”
Is an interactive art piece a genuine opportunity to connect with yourself or another? Artist-designer and information architect Matthew Mohr believes so…
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