Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Handy hacks for the festive season| Ultra-thin material – new architectural break through? | New citizenM in Paris| and more

DSP Design Associates takes the unconventional workplace a few steps ahead, creating thematic zones that reflect Indianness in the core of their fabric…
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Dear IAnDians,

The best part of life is the quest for something new. And this is a constant. It may be anything - the intellectual revels in research; the fashionista in the latest trend... and all the rest always on the lookout for their mojo!

With architecture and social responsibility as two sides of the economic-growth coin, the quest becomes a necessity. Check out Marc Fornes' most-recent research on ultra-thin architectural material. And as lifestyles change, priorities change; check out our trending story by DSP Design Associates that highlights 'dynamics' as the need-of-the-hour; especially with the workplace of the gen-next.

A similar thought process is integral to brand citizenM hotels. Check out their third one in Paris.

And lastly, as you prepare for the forthcoming Diwali, don't miss our handy hacks!

Until next week.

Savitha Hira




The festive spread!
Bring in the delight and vibrant warmth of the season into your home; set in the festive mood…
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Every inch counts!
Ar. Parth Chitte uses design as a differentiator to enhance a compact 334 sq. ft. salon into a chic business proposal…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Thought n Impact
The cinematic experience!
Marc Fornes/Theverymany design studio creates innovative curves of Minima/Maxima – the tallest-ever installation from material as thin as a coin, to challenge our understanding of structure and space…
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Style medley!
The new CitizenM Gare de Lyon hotel in Paris by Concrete Architecture is designed keeping in mind the long-standing romance of the modern traveler with his emerging aesthetic sensibility and desire for customized experience!
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