Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Interactive building skin that highlights city info| Art that can get you introspective| A creative’s inspirational den| Redefining bathroom luxury| and more

Renesa Architecture Design Interior conceptualizes the adaptive re-use of a dilapidated terrace; thus, converting 800 sq. ft. of unused space into a one-of-a-kind photographer’s workspace…
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Dear IAnDian,

We speak of art as empowering. But how much of it does the layman actually comprehend? Our story on the saint-poet Kabir's mystic poetry being translated into visual art touched a deep chord inside us. With the involvement of Kabir in artist Gayatri Mehta's conscience (he seems totally seeped into her being), and with Mumbai's ongoing Kala Ghoda Festival, where so many art installations - a lot of them interactive - make their presence felt with myriad social messages, how much of this is actually being consumed in the way it is intended? We had this little round-table at the office and have decided to test it with a guinea group. So, our exercise will soon shape up to draw some profound results. We should be getting back to you on this soon.

Meanwhile, our other stories this week are thought-provoking too; but more intriguing I would say. Like the eat-around-the-kitchen-counter restaurant in Amsterdam - it gives a cosy feel and is quite unique to have a close personal banter with strangers - over the love for food. Nice.

The façade being interactive is another moniker that tells us how technology is overriding our lives and how on the not-so-rosy front, we are losing the essence of the human touch altogether.

Bringing sunshine into the picture is our cover story - we've again put Renesa architects on the cover; they seem to be doing some good stuff - that identifies how simple ingenious interventions can make adaptive reuse a welcome exercise.
Enjoy the issue. Until next week,

Savitha Hira




Indian mystic poetry as contemporary art
Artist Gayatri Mehta culls out the social relevance of 15th century poet-saint Kabir’s verses, translating them into vivid compositions of mainstream socio-economic ethos…
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IAnD Exclusive
Décor trends 2018: the mood board!
Stock up on all the inspiration you need to try out the latest home decorating trends for 2018…
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In case you missed it earlier.

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Restaurant 212: Amsterdam’s first ‘no table restaurant’!
Restaurant 212 is open! The new address in Amsterdam is a gourmet’s delight; more so, it is the balance between two passionate chefs joining forces to create one unforgettable experience...
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Interactive building skin
MVRDV to design a new mixed-use office building in Esslingen in the south of Germany – an iconic structure that you can interact with via a smartphone app!
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A compositional marvel!
Architect Show, Japan designs a compositional marvel – a residence that serves a sculptural role in the developing rural area of Isahaya city, Nagasaki, while a humble abode awaits the family within…
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Dissolving the boundary between object and architecture!
Toronto’s new Headfoneshop goes atypical on the retail scenario by implementing a design objective that instead celebrates the ritual of listening to music and the process of testing.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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