Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Design is food for the soul

Ar. Brinda Somaya dedicates yet another iconic structure to the city of Mumbai – the soul of the Tata Group - Bombay House, restored and refurbished for gen-next!
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The talk of the town - the transformation of the iconic Bombay House – our cover story, I must say how satisfying it is to meet a creative whose work goes beyond the ramified constructs of the accepted. Her vision, her sensitivity and the very nature of her interaction with what we consider as mere brick-and-mortar, makes one want to relook at things with her vision. This is none other than Ar. Brinda Somaya, who has once again brought history to life with her restoration of the 94-year-old colonial structure.

Our other offerings this week fill in a mixed bag, where we bring you ideas for home interiors and d├ęcor via a penthouse in Mumbai and a duplex apartment in Bangalore. Speaking of technology, we have something for all Harry Potter fans – the new magic wand – the Kano Coding Kit, a know-how game for all age groups that makes you believe in dreams all over again! And then we have two distinct curvatures – one that shapes the roof of a hospitality jaunt in the forests of China and the other, an experiment with ultra-thin aluminium as an arresting entrance canopy in Texas.

Lots to soak in. Enjoy!

Savitha Hira



Timeless regal meets contemporary Mumbai
What do you get when the timeless, regal style of a by-gone era is infused into the modern-day ephemerality of Mumbai? This gorgeous penthouse, apparently.
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Spatial stories
Between Spaces Architects imaginatively juggle space in a duplex in Bangalore, to chisel an urbane ambience characterised by surprises …
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global hop

Thought n Impact
An ode to fun and form
Mark Fornes’s signature fusion of art and structure comes alive this time as a playful canopy, resembling an inflated parachute or a circus tent.
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Thought n Impact
Engaging with tech the fun way!
If you are a big Harry Potter fan, this one’s for you! Kano, creator of build-it-yourself tech and Warner Bros. Consumer Products join hands to launch the ‘Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit.’
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Rooted in context
Monoarchi Architects design a captivating contextual habitat nestled in a mountain village on the edge of a secondary forest, borrowing from the surrounds and giving back to nature…
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London’s new sculptural community place!
The Portsoken Pavilion showcases a unique monocoque design that has just three triangular support points!
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