Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rootedness makes design authentic

A curtain of sandstone red against the backdrop of a light blue sky - the geometric outlines of the Thapar University of Patiala paints a compelling picture.
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Dear IAnDian,

There is a plethora of everything out there. Yet, designers are reinventing themselves; and there is a continuous outpouring of new designs, old designs in new avatars, even breakthrough designs...

Scouring through aesthetic, innovative stuff day-after-day; even featuring some gems for you readers by digging deep and writing about them, we've come to realise that the best does come from a merging of sensibilities - new and old. Whilst everyone wants something new, one cannot deny the value framework that is passed on through generations and makes one what he/she is at the core of his/her very being.

Our cover story - the architecture and fa├žade design of the University in Patiala is a project after this very essence of rootedness and contemporaneity, all in one breath. The traditional footprint of its masterplan and the ethos of present day aspirations have crafted a space so inimitably youthful - it's a place after the students' customary sensibilities.

This and lots more...

Savitha Hira



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