Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Design defines awakening

Thought n Impact
Expected to greet the public in 2023, Bio-architecture Formosana (BAF) together with Carlo Ratti Associatti (CRA) present the National Library in Taiwan, which hopes to transform a large undeveloped suburban plot in XinYing District.
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Dear IAnDian,

Design is a very responsible defining element that carves life's processes for the betterment of the immediate recipient and has an enormous reciprocal impact contextually.

Our stories this week focus on the need for a change in perspective. The way we view aging structures, our desire for all things glossy and well-finished, our communal ties, and the like.

Human strife and a continual depletion of resources is being constantly, universally attested. We bring three instances to the fore - all three dynamic and part of our everyday lives - travel, old buildings and the basic human need to acquire knowledge.

Let me leave you to discover a wealth of possibilities...

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It’s shimmer and shine at this new fine dine!
Kinteriors refurbishes three disparate areas into a swanky restaurant-cum-bar within a gymkhana in a posh Mumbai suburb…
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The focal length!
Renesa Architecture Design Interiors refurbish and assist in branding an old spectacle store in New Delhi using a design language native to its context.
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global hop

Thought n Impact
Personalised commute: the train of the future!
Mecanoo architects and circular-furniture specialist, Gispen conceptualise a modular and flexible train interior that facilitates travellers’ diverse activities - sustainable mobility that can be universally replicated…
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Thought n Impact
Is this the start of a new phenomena in adaptive reuse?
JA Architects make a modern intervention in Rotterdam's century-old Stok building, setting a precedent for a fresh approach to reducing the carbon footprint…
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