Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pre-Diwali Special – Ideas you can use!

IAnD Exclusive
Take pride in the diversity of our Indian culture by adding traditional elements to bring out the true meaning of Diwali…
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Dear IAnDian,

Diwali is a festival of lights, colour and style... Family, friends, neighbours and communities come together to celebrate with wholesome fervour. As a run-up to the upcoming festive season Team IAnD have put their heads together to curate the best possible ideas under dedicated themes that will not only appeal to your senses, but also be practically viable.

Under the Frugal Call theme - we show you how you can do things with a twist without spending a bomb! Our Relatable Stories make your heirlooms see the light of day so that you and your guests can revel in some candid nostalgia.

Yes, another gem is Let Colour be your Guide - where we have laid out a kaleidoscope of colours for you to pick and choose what suits your taste and use it with or without abandon!

Studied Flamboyance is the only theme, where you need to carefully juxtapose an over-the-top element with a muted background so that it does not distract from what you want to show off. With plenty of ideas under each section, you will most certainly be spoilt for choice.

Enjoy the read and let us know what worked for you...
Wish each of you a very Happy Diwali from Team IAnD!
Warm regards,
Marina Correa
Special Correspondent - IAnD



IAnD Exclusive
Studied flamboyance!
Introduce your guests to some carefully crafted chic, as you splurge on that pièce de résistance you always had your eye on... or create a focal point with what you possess; or decide to finally take out your long-held treasures from your showcase and use them!
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IAnD Exclusive
Let colour guide your style
Colour can at times effect a more potent communiqué than words! We bring you six sizzling hot colours to choose from or maybe pick a shade from all and decorate your home with panache…
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IAnD Exclusive
Relatable stories!
Cheer your guests with relatable stories that weave a narrative from your life or enlighten them about personal nuggets that reflect the personality of your abode or intrigue them with an unusual materiality…
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IAnD Exclusive
The frugal call!
If you want to savour every bit of the festivities without breaking the bank, then our frugal ideas should do the trick…Happy Diwali!
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global hop

Working with sentiments
Askdeco adds warmth and colour to the industrial footprint of a residence in Beirut, demonstrating how human nature reacts to eclectic warmth – a sentiment that is universal and timeless!
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Bound by history!
Mecanoo Architects root the cultural ethos of Netherlands into the design of the Delft city hall and train station.
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