Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The who, what and why of 2018’s most popular design stories at IndiaArtnDesign!

IAnD Exclusive
Interacting with design stories day-in and day-out leaves a residual impact on one’s thought processes. Join me in sifting out some profound take-aways from our bouquet of 2018!
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Dear IAnDian,

The year 2018 has sped by! Eventful, exhilarating, a pure fun and result-oriented sojourn as new stuff unfolded at our studio and our team grew from 12 to 19 members. We touchdown on our systems every single day with renewed energy - thanks to you - dear architects and designers, who share the first look of your creations with our audiences We take this opportunity to apologise too - as our flooded mailboxes sometimes keep us from responding promptly to you. Please do bear with us.

Our global readers - a growing discerning base - thank you for your appreciative emails and your valuable suggestions. We're constantly working on bringing you an enriching design information experience with that one select project every day. Speaking of which, our milestone introduction this year has been the web series titled "in Candid Conversation with" that explores the personal lifestyles of your favourite architects, designers and artists, bringing you glimpses of the pulsating personal energies of the person behind the professional. We thank you for your immense appreciation of the series; we've equally enjoyed making these videos for you. There are many more coming your way in the new year.

So, see you in the new year with new beginnings and lots of fresh ideas. Wishing you a joyful, successful and healthy New Year 2019!

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira



IAnD Exclusive
Showstoppers 2018!
As the year draws to a close, we look back at the most-heart-warming, most-empathised-with, most-exhilarating of the 338 stories that we've brought to you all through the year 2018...
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Bodyworks by Space Dynamix is oozing raw appeal in Pune’s fitness circles!
Studio Space Dynamix transforms a decade-old gymnasium into a wholesome body workshop experience - cutting edge in terms of fitness technology, and energetically raw!
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Thought n Impact
Breakthrough post-earthquake prototype makes profound humanitarian impact!
AL BORDE + El Sindicato Arquitectura reinvent traditional building technology to develop a post-earthquake prototype that is literally making waves in the ‘Earthquake Architecture’ community…
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100architects convert indoor space into family-oriented entertaining space
The ‘Jungle Race’ by 100architects is an indoor intervention designed as a kids-oriented path within the course of the adults’ circulation in a shopping mall…
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