Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Design plays facilitator of positive vibes in the human psyche!

Thought n Impact
Sasaki Design Studio engineers their design Incubator with a lively and peppy vibe to spur creative thinking…
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Dear IAnDian,

Collaboration and transparency are like two sides of the same coin - an empathetic state of mind that has been endorsed by projects like the Mumbai office interior by Rajeev Sathe Architects, a community housing project in Hiroshima by Masahiko Fujimori Architects, and the incubator at Sasaki Design Studio in Massachusetts. These projects show how an open-source approach in the physical realm fosters a green pathway in the physiological domain, paving the way for a smooth interface, focus, and consequent growth.

As we sit mulling over the impact of design on the human psyche, the other element that subtly comes to light is the presentation or aesthetics that forms the primary visual tool that facilitates the appreciation of the real design. The discipline of architecture and design masters this tool. We revel in uncovering this mastery time and again, day after day...

Enjoy the issue.

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira


The interconnected life of Brinda and Alfaz Miller


Creating a culture of transparency!
Ar. Rajeev Sathe designs a terrace office for an investment management firm in Mumbai, deftly balancing the corporate values of formality and informality in the workplace.
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Talli Turmeric: Indian cuisine with an intoxicating twist!
Seeking that something extra to stand out in an haute-restaurant arena like Mumbai, culture-loaded Talli Turmeric – yet another bespoke offering by designer Sumessh Menon rises to the calling…
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global hop

Thought n Impact
Unifying the diverse: a community footprint imparting social harmony
Architecture is one of the prime catalysts of creating a harmonious built environment that infuses the ambience of social conformity. Ar. Masahiko Fujimori endorses this statement via his design of the Chronos Dwell.
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100architects convert indoor space into family-oriented entertaining space
The ‘Jungle Race’ by 100architects is an indoor intervention designed as a kids-oriented path within the course of the adults’ circulation in a shopping mall…
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