Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Toy Room: Delhi’s playfully evocative club | Appetisingly refreshing: Dadu’s in Hyderabad| Thailand’s Little Shelter Hotel| and more

International nightlife brand Toy Room’s first Indian outlet in New Delhi aligns perfectly with its foreign counterparts, where provocative playfulness amidst an elite clubbing experience is the norm…
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Dear IAnDian,

Our mailboxes seem to be suddenly flooded with a lot of hospitality projects. Different thematics, varying décor elements... each creating an aura so distinctive that it can hold its customer on the aesthetics quotient; the rest of course is the mandate of the cuisine and the chef! Yet, each is bound by the most common element - the emotional connect.

Speaking of the interiors, much thought goes into detailing and this is evident in all our stories this week. Our cover story, Toy Room, stands up to its international counterparts - thanks to Chromed Design Studio for crafting some eclectic imagery. It is commendable how sophistication has been equalised with inuendo - with a flair that all at once says - "I care, whilst you may sport a devil-may-care attitude!!" An appealingly superb use of the Teddy Bear mascot as it takes on the onus of the design and the decor - especially in the way the graphics have been conceived. Do check it out.

Our rendezvous with more hospitality projects will continue into the coming week. So, stay tuned...

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira


In case you missed it earlier.


Appetisingly refreshing: Dadu’s in Hyderabad!
Designed as a delicate amalgamation of local heritage and global influence, Dadu’s is a quaint hang-out place that is creating new identities…
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This home reflects a life well-lived!
Vistaar Associates designs an apartment as a vivid documentary of the client’s life - in line with his stature, without overwhelming any visitor with the extensive art collection.
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global hop

Thailand’s Little Shelter Hotel has a façade that reinterprets vernacular into contemporary!
Department of Architecture Co. designs the Little Shelter Hotel - a glittering lantern on the Ping riverbank – a modern reinterpretation of a glorious past, symbol of the present and an introduction to the future of Chiang Mai for its visitors…
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Old catalyses new in this distinguishing residence
OFIS Architects redesigns a single-family house in the Rozna Dolina ‘flower valley’ district, within Ljubljana’s city centre.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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