Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Where is modern architecture taking us?

Archgroup International’ designed Adani Group’s headquarters is a building with an iconic aerodynamic form that when looked at closely, stands metaphorically regent, seeped in a legacy in the making…
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Dear IAnDian,

Working with key aspects of sustainability in architecture, we bring you a few dynamic projects this week - the corporate headquarters building - an icon in Ahmedabad (our cover story); the cross-border cable car terminal - the first of its kind connecting Russia to China and prefabricated dwellings by Arthur Casas Design.

It is interesting to note that whilst sustainable practices have been prevalent since eons, the growing awareness and compliance with them is becoming mainstream by the day. Each of the projects that we feature have a close connect with green features. Yet, somehow, one can't help but wonder - is there really any direction in the built forms of today? Where are we headed in terms of architecture of our times? The buildings look excellent they even function excellently, but the niggling thought remains - what are we getting at? Is there a universality in the disparity that meets the eye? What are we going to leave behind for our generations to come...??

Savitha Hira



IAnD Exclusive
16 final shortlists from India at the WAF & INSIDE Festivals 2019!
In a global scenario, where “glocal” (global; yet, local) firmly anchors its fundamental place, Indian architecture is all set to grab eyeballs and leave its mark.
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When the outdoors become one with the inside!
Studio Yamini designs and builds extensions to an existing bungalow whilst refurbishing other areas; all along, chiselling the design vocabulary to a constant…
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In case you missed it earlier.

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An eco-systemic prefabricated house!
Studio Arthur Casas in collaboration with SysHaus, a start-up for research in the residential field, designs a new concept for sustainable contemporary living in a ‘200 sq. m. prefabricated dwelling’…
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Russian and Chinese cultures intermingle at first ever cross border cable car terminal!
Connecting Russia and China with the first ever cross border cable car – UNStudio' design of the Blagoveshchensk Cable Car Terminal not only responds to its immediate urban location, but also becomes an expression of cultural identity and a podium for the intermingling of cultures…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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