Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Humanism in design - endorsed one way or the other!

Conceived by Panorama Design Group in central Hong Kong, the K11 MUSEA is a kids’ shopping arcade cum playhouse – the very first of its kind.
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Dear IAnDian,

The highlight of last week's activity at our office was mulling over the goings-on at the Women in Design conference, where several aspects of the profession of architecture and design were discoursed and contemplated upon. Whilst the highlight of the conference was the attention to the intangible - that perhaps is intensified from the point of view of a woman architect - amid the abundance of tangibles, the sheer assimilation of information and knowledge that the packed 3-days were all about, was certainly a rejuvenating experience. Take a look at the concise gist that we've brought you from the WID2020+ held in Mumbai over the last weekend.

Our stories this week bring you a little from various quarters - design for children; healthcare in sports; nurturing simplicity and trendiness in a contemporary home; and cultural architecture.

Our cover story that talks about the development of a holistic personality in a child, which begins from unhindered interaction with his immediate environment and is impacted by space, colour and materiality manifests in the interiors of a playhouse cum shopping arcade - the intent being what the owners call an "edu-shopping centre". Check out how designer Horace Pan of Panorama Design, Hong Kong crafts this interesting enterprise in what is being called the first-of-its-kind for kids.

As a special initiative, we begin a Special Issue tomorrow, where we will familiarise you with pertinent aspects of design as they broadly gained ground in 2019, and where the professionals feel they are headed to in 2020!

So, keep an eye out for the upcoming stories...

Savitha Hira



Women in Design 2020+: Advocating a sensitised approach to design!
Inspiring stories, focussed participation, cross-cultural learnings and words of encouragement… a few tears, and lots of empathy characterised the Women in Design 2020+ International Conference that concluded in Mumbai on Jan 10, 2020.
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The warmth of understated style!
Cluster One Creative Studio crafts a four-bedroom apartment in a Pune high-rise, integrating utility, aesthetics, and understated style as the defining features…
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global hop

Crafting a powerful experience through cultural architecture!
Mexico’s AnĂ¡huac Cultural Centre is a magnificent venue, its 15400 sq. ft. of space dedicated to the strengthening of cultural life at the Universidad Anahuac.
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When performing art and light installations bond with architecture!
Filux Lab, the colonial house-turned-art laboratory celebrates the ethos of the artistic community, its white aesthetic emblematic of the blank canvas so vital for stimulating a work of art…
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