Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Architecture as a Career Option - Vol II Issue 2

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I have time and again tried to make meaning of Frank Lloyd Wright’s opinion that Form and Function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. While various projects have typically offered different degrees of explanation, the Naka House by Xten Architecture offers yet another. Like a sculpture emerging from the mountainside, here form and function blend in eloquent solitude, evoking an emotional combine.

Holding this thought in an exclusive interview is ace Indian architect Sanjay Puri  as ‘exploring & experiencing spaces, forms’ is his core advise to the aspiring students of architecture. And on a similar note of introspection, interior designer Lalit Hira gets candid about the state of fine art, as he urges fellow designers and the layman to encourage true talent for what it is worth and overlook the fancy tag...

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Warmly,Savitha HiraEditor

His architecture may be termed expressionist or even aspirational, as Ar. Sanjay Puri constantly attempts to push the precincts of his own capabilities. The ace professional addresses aspiring architects ... Read more..

Just as water is incomplete without that one molecule of oxygen, interiors are incomplete without art. Exploring ‘Fine Art & Interior D├ęcor’ – the human perspective... It isn’t always that we take a moment to ponder on...Read more..


Hillside Banter

The lure of a home in the lap of nature, with lush surrounds and the birds and bees for company is an aspiration that some merely dream about, whilst others opportunely enjoy... Read more..


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