Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Master Stroke by Zaha Hadid - Vol II Issue 3

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Does engineering inspire design or vice versa? Browsing through Zaha Hadid’s various projects, it was the most difficult task to pick just one. The architect continues to baffle the world with her sculptural engineering marvels. In her London Aquatic Centre, a simple undulating skin conceals within it a calculated structural massing that translates into simple functionality.

The ‘function’ and ‘form’ coordinates continue to be deliberated upon as Udit Chaudhuri delves into “Buckligami” behaviour, which is being explored to work for collapsible design applications.

And taking the grey cells away from heavy design thought, Shriram Khadilkar revisits the beauty of the Ajanta caves, its neighbourhood, two centuries old habitats and legends.

Keep the bouquets coming. We like.

Warmly,Savitha HiraEditor

Back from his recent visit to the Ajanta caves, Shriram Khadilkar finds it difficult to break free from the onslaught of memories of visually rich wall paintings and local legends… Read more..

A building with collapsible walls and roofs, an arm with smooth, seamless joints like a green branch instead of mechanical pairs, a micro-sized drug delivery system digging into a specific gland or a...Read more..


Iconic architectural design is here to stay. While we see several offshoots that often directly relate to the Zaha Hadid signature, the architect herself continues to evolve complex geometries... Read more..


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