Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Silent Spaces - Vol II Issue 4

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If we had schools like that, education would have an extraordinary quality! Ar. Yatin Pandya designs a school that is rich in visual aids and interactive elements; so much so that learning becomes an enjoyable extension of self. The project reinstates the underlying enterprise of architecture – social responsibility.

Taking the thought further, Ar. Sinora Penkar muses on the ‘last farewell’ as she proposes green burial process called Promession in the stately design of a multi-faith funerary centre. Here is a project sensitive to one’s vulnerability in death. And mapping the latest barometer of trends at the iSaloni, Milan, we visit the shift in furniture and furnishings for the season.

Happy reading.

Warmly,Savitha HiraEditor

With a population of over a billion people and a country steeped in culture and tradition, India needs to build for her people clean, tranquil and private spaces where they can complete the last rites ... Read more..

To educate, is to develop mentally, morally and aesthetically. Holistic learning therefore is about information, exposure, analysis, understanding and exploration. With the onus more on...Read more..


“It is the design and product that finally matters; and not the designer label”. The new trends at the 2012 iSaloni clearly evidence sophisticated attention to what works best for the consumer…  Read more..


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