Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Exercise in Dynamics - Vol II Issue 5

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Our heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all for your responses to our discussion threads and the constructive feedback that you take time out to share. IAnD is working towards bringing you much more... Just stay tuned.

This month, we will take you from the busy streets of Singapore to the interiors of India with our choice of products, stories and projects that will engage you with panache and awe. To begin with, in this issue, bask in the glory of antique porcelain with some collector’s tips, take a trip around dynamic spatial configurations with Inform Architects from Bangalore and check out the new App 'Mirrar' waiting to play the field...

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Warmly,Savitha HiraEditor

Mirarr, this smart app will have you fantasising yourself sashaying in styles and posing in garments you would dream of! As though the tyranny of choice from scores of tantalising dresses...Read more..

The design of NAAC may superficially mimic the road along its site, but serves as a resilient form, espousing its core values… Institutional architecture is one genre that has seen a variety of dynamics...Read more..


Collecting Porcelain is a refined art. Identifying a genuine piece and knowing what to cherish are aspects best guided by a modest knowledge of some special marks and marker’s techniques…  Read more..


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