Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art's Own God - Vol II Issue 6

“Fascination with form” is a phrase that has been resonating in my head ever since our art correspondent Jigna explored the nuances of godliness in art. On deeper thought, aren’t we kind of attuned to this fascination for form; especially since appreciation/non-appreciation kicks off from visual appeal?

Prior to delving into the merits of design, we tend to get judgemental about what meets the eye. Our discussion threads and reader comments veer from appreciation to appal. But this is what art n design is all about. Subjectivity.

Enjoy our features – Buddha as art; Japanese architectural tenets and the home grown Indian traditional dwelling.

Until next week.

Warmly,Savitha HiraEditor

In a milieu that is concretizing urban abodes with little regard for the environment, it is heartening to revisit tested tenets of design, with deep regard for one’s relation with the surroundings.  Ar. Sandeep...Read more..

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