Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - Vol II Issue 9

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When you have done so much serenading the earth, its time to serenade the sky –Moshe Safdie’s architecture is breaking new ground to cater to luxury aspirations of the populace. The Marina Bay Sands at Singapore is one uber-cool destination and architecturally splendid at that. Back home, we are revisiting the Rajabai Tower with its quaint historical references as Ar. Brinda Somaya prepares for its restoration.

And urging you to bring in the green into your homes the easy way with Cacti, we sign off for another eventful week.

Warmly, (literally)Savitha HiraEditor

Heritage buildings keep alive our roots, giving the present generations a sense of pride and hope for a grounded future…  Read more..

Easy to grow, interestingly ornamental and perhaps the best mode of introducing plant study to children – Cacti grow in curious forms, with colorful flowers…  Read more..


The 9-million-square-foot Marina Bay Sands is a beautiful blend of geometry and mathematics- an integration of order and complexity… a flying visit…  Read more..


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