Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Techno-marvel - Vol II Issue 10

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It is all about form and function with its peripherals of colour, texture, etc., etc., thrown in that arrest the eyeballs and the heartbeats, either making the structure work at a glance; or be damned. Whether it is the child in us or the adult, reacting to the immediate environment and the psychological response are merely matters of age and perspective, with loads of ‘meat’ layered in.

Knowing Saket Sethi goes back a long way as does my familiarity with Rossi’s work from Milan. Brilliant, thought-provoking post modern architecture and thought processes that integrate the invincible human approach. And do check out the children and colour tag too; you never know when it may prove useful!

Enjoy the read and write in

Warmly, Savitha HiraEditor

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