Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Career in Food Styling - Vol II Issue 11

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Alternate career streams have emerged as split hair, where one increasingly realizes the importance in details, of doing virtually anything and then endeavouring to master that art.  The art of food presentation is an excellent way to combine artistic vision with culinary skills and photographing it for the pleasure of the masses is another leap forward.

Our issue this week is all about gourmet – physiological and intellectual – Srishti is the new design kid with a simple design functionality that almost instantaneously appeals; Saba tells us about being a Food Stylist and Italian architect Antonino recalls symphony in architecture talking about his pet project; humanizing it, wooing it.

Write in and tell us what else you’d like to see in our ezine.

Warmly, Savitha HiraEditor

 “I can make food emote for the camera,” says Saba Gaziyani, food photographer-cum-stylist, based out of Mumbai, India. Capitalizing on the visual aspect of culinary art, she shares her insights with aspiring…  Read more..

Upcoming product designer Srishti Bajaj redefines simple functionality via a product that aims to modulate our moods and pique our desires… Read more..


If architecture is music in stone can its “limbs” dance?Architecture only remains still in pic­tures. In real life its natural state is one of tran­sition. Both man and light...Read more..


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