Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Power in your roots – Vol II Issue 23

Despite the razzmatazz of everything sleek and stylish, I am sure there is a large percentage of people out there, who cherish the old and embrace the throwaways. India’s super rich cultural, architectural and social fabric too revolves around these very emotions, and thus we have year-after-year of religious and cultural festivities, subtly tugging at our insides, reminding us of our roots. 

Revisit the joy of Onam with the traditional display of Pookalams; revel in a 300 - year old heritage precinct amidst the buzz of contemporary revelry in Pune; and celebrate the growth of architectural thoughts from across the globe in the 13th international architectural biennale.

While we kick off September with this grounding of our roots, we look forward to bringing you diverse fare from the doyens of couture, product design and art. 

Have a self-motivated September!
Savitha Hira

One of the finest examples of Peshwa temples in Maharashtra, the Ram Mandir is made of dressed Basalt stone with a construction entirely in timber... Click to read more..

“Onam”.....Just an utterance of the name is enough to bring innumerable picturesque images chasing each other in our mind’s eye...  Click to read more..


The 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale sports two distinctive curatorial spaces by acclaimed architect Norman Foster… Click to read more..


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