Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Design Behaviour – Vol II Issue 24

Wedding planning is a grand affair, especially in India. And the venue is always a very significant component. Ahmedabad based Ar. Hiren Patel seems to tailor the ideal solution to this
need as he Indianizes a potential venue without compromising on present-day trends and mindsets. Check it out.

In a lighter vein, “hiding under the bed” and such other tips and tricks can assist you in being house proud at short notice. Correspondent Chirag does a great job with his everyday decor ideas.

On a serious note, enjoy this intriguing prototype that technologically simulates the process of photosynthesis contributing its bit to various sustainability issues constantly under the scanner.

With the Elephant God round the bend in His festive celebration of 11 days in India; and design fests and exhibitions rampant across the continents, we bring you diverse glimpses of these artistic oeuvres next week.

Until then,
Savitha Hira


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To Advertise here email to info@indiaartndesign.com  
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