Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Windows of Expression – Vol II Issue 25

A host of unrecognized stimuli influence and charter our life’s course; deep-rooted in our psyche, pooled together thru’ incidental happenings. This thought and its consequential upsurge of brainstorming has a direct bearing to this week’s spread – of design, art and fashion, not necessarily in that order.    

Speaking of staying power and creativity, we meet Sharbari Datta, all woman in the male fashion domain; intellectual leanings at the London Design Festival and a public art exercise –purely joyous, spreading cheer – that compels one to sit up and take note of his bearings in the realm of the all-permeable art and design.

Put on your thinking cap... we await your feedback.
Savitha Hira

Should art be put on a pedestal and enveloped in an aura of exclusivity or should it be allowed to proliferate to the masses? This question seeks opinion/ debate... Click to read more..

“Like the artist, who cannot plan her brushstrokes, I, too, let the future unfold as it comes,” says designer Sharbari Datta as she gets... Click to read more..


While London continues to endorse its status as the world’s most creative capital, can we foresee similar design destinations in the making in other parts of the world?... Click to read more..


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