Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creativity & Sensitivity – Vol. II Issue 26

Often I come across the syllogism – “Art for art’s sake; or Design for design’ sake” and wonder what it really means? The last week, however, has enlightened me a wee bit in this direction – what with our Ganesha feature that celebrates the religious icon as a pure manifestation of artistry; or the latest fashion statement to make the rounds – digital iconography. Theresa and Roger’s ‘Retarded Velvet’ label is a narrative in pop art meets kitsch’ and if I may comment rather bluntly – quite aptly voices the current youth mindset. 

At the other extreme, faith has a stronghold in design like that of the Banduk Smith studio, where ingenuity overrules and showcases the staying power of good design.

There is more; and there is more...

Looking ahead.

Savitha Hira


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Combining a materially sensitive approach to design with respect for the context into which each project is placed... Click to read more..

On the eve of Ganesh festival in India, we pay homage to the religious icon that transcends myriad manifestations and still remains sacrosanct... Click to read more..


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To Advertise here email to info@indiaartndesign.com  
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