Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ideas & Idiosyncrasies – Vol. II Issue 27

Kudos to the multidimensional thinking that the grey cells can virtually pour out. Interaction and ideating seems to be reaching new levels by the day and each creative field springs forth with something novel – conceptual jewellery, designer inputs on practical engineering, innovation in interiors… are just a few examples that we bring you this week.  

Saying hello to the new month, abound with festivity and cheer, we look deeper into the cartels of thinking, tradition, and technology to bring you stories, thoughts and projects from across borders.

Savitha Hira



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When each participant takes a few steps forward, far-reaching changes in the stimuli-response equation can transform into path-breaking design diktats... Click to read more..

Revamping jewellery as conceptual art, designer Eina Ahluwalia’s intricately designed silver pieces have taken the international market by storm… Click to read more..


Humble stratagems in product design can make life simpler; proves Foster & Partners’ design of their latest modular skylight… Click to read more..


To Advertise here email to info@indiaartndesign.com  
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