Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Design Dimensions – Vol. II Issue 28

An idea is ineffective unless it germinates and is realized. It takes strength of character and chutzpah to break the norm. Whether it is in India or anywhere across the borders, design thinking is linked by the universal thread of essence and an emotional response.

So, when an Indian architect like Kayzad Shroff designs a non-standard stack of apartments in Peru, or a dynamic personality like Punit Srimal breaks through conventional strata of education to streamline an off-beat vocation, our confidence in design thinking and solutions is strengthened and ready to forge newer grounds. As Ar. Nikhil Juvekar says, “...the spotlight is on India”.

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Savitha Hira

Setting new standards of excellence in the luxury segment of jewellery designing, Punit Srimal opens wide career opportunities for the young generation, who wish to make a mark in an off-beat field... Click to read more..

Ar. Nikhil Juvekar urges you – the fellow professional and the common man – to look closely beneath and through the layers that ensconce design… Click to read more..


Sky Condos called ‘Para Todos’, which literally means “for all”, frees conventional apartment typology by employing a sustainable assemblage Click to read more..


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