Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indian Architecture Awards, A store bound by Arches, Festive Furnishings and more...

There is no good or bad design but there are expressions: awe, sensitivity, bonding, preferred design, appealing silhouette, timeless design, experiential and experience design... that give rise to a vocabulary of myriad phrases, changing from one person to another, every sq. m. of area that one traverses.
And then there is design that surpasses all of these to emerge the winner! In this issue, we celebrate Indian Architecture Awards, revisit the innovative use of the humble arch with Italian architect Antonino’s retail project and touch another intriguing aspect of fashion – beach wear -by ace designers Shivan n Narresh. 

Wishing you all a Shubh Navratri
Savitha Hira


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Felicitations seem the order of the day world over. Celebrating architecture, we bring you the annual architecture awards by Indian Institute of Architects – by the Architects, for the Architects… Click to read more..

Redefining resort-wear in India has seen designers Shivan and Narresh graduate from experimenting with sombre shades to bringing design innovations to the forefront... Click to read more..


The arch, primary icon of architecture, archetype of construction and protection, and symbol of Italy throughout history, in its airy, slender variant, Click to read more..


To Advertise here email to info@indiaartndesign.com  
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