Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Timeless Architecture, Fashion books & their coveted covers, New Infrastructure Icons and more...

A very Happy Dushera to all our readers!

It is that time of year when festivity abounds and each space pulsates with a cheerful beat. Keeping pace with this mood, a dynamic spread of features seems to be ushering in the Godly showers at our office.

We bring you yet another proposed iconic architectural marvel – the Infinity Loop Bridge; urge you to put on your thinking caps with Ar. Yatin Pandya’s research-oriented musings on timelessness in architecture; and celebrate the purely cerebral exercise of book cover design in the fashion arena.

Have a cheerful week!
Savitha Hira

Honesty, information and fashion, fused profoundly, can only create book covers that ooze creativity and grab the attention of literature aficionados. We pick 3 interesting fashion book covers and why we like them… Click to read more..

Attempting to understand the roots of ‘timelessness’ as a universal quality in architecture, Ar. Yatin Pandya excerpts the essence from his internationally acclaimed book… Click to read more..


The goal of creating an elegant and sculptural structure that is simultaneously structurally rational and efficient, celebrates two marvelously integrated disciplines – design and engineering … Click to read more.. 


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