Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Career in Art Curatorship, Tenets of Brazilian Architecture and much more...

How does a curator’s viewpoint of appreciating fine art influence the common man? Alternately, does the common man need the curator’s viewpoint to appreciate art? Do tested design principles make safe element-makers in today’s design trends? What can one expect the 21st century ideal city to look like...?? These and a multitude of other unresolved issues, questions, debates, et al, spar for attention and communication in the vivified versatile realm of art and design.

We’ve managed to bring you one tiny fragment this week too.

Enjoy the read and a very Happy Diwali to all our readers! May health, wealth & prosperity reside with you.  

Savitha Hira

Art curatorial studies are a lesser known aspect of art education, which have been gaining momentum in the last few years.  With fine art in India breaking fresh ground in terms of outreach and... Click to Read more..

Ideas Designed Executed (IDE) Global, introduces itself for the first time in Delhi with an initiative – the India Interiors Summit 2012, at a time when the city is bustling with cultural fetes, performances and many more events! Organized to put... Click to Read more..


The two-storey Cobogo House based in Sao Paulo, Brazil depicts a power-packed play of light and shadow; the architecture reminiscent of veterans, Lucio Costa and… Click to Read more..


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