Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Colour, Accessorizing, Meaningful Architecture & Timeless Design

A very Happy Diwali to all!

The Festival of Lights celebrated by Indians world over is very special metaphorically and otherwise. In keeping with the festive spirits, with our surroundings looking perked up and beautiful, we decided to celebrate colour, accessorizing, non-conventional architecture and the sheer essence of timeless design – almost everything India Art n Design stands for.

Enjoy the read with projects by Amit Khanna and Jamie Bush and get tipped off on the art of accessorizing.

Savitha Hira

Multi-disciplinary design studio, Amit Khanna Design Associates from Delhi work towards breaking away from the typology of apartment blocks in urban Delhi... Often design begins as a core problem-solver and... Click to read more..

Need a fine piece of art? Let colour guide your selection… Art & artefacts are important elements of home and d├ęcor. Scale and proportion play a great role in accessorizing your interior with art and artefacts and colour is till... Click to read more..


Seamless views, the colour white and illusory experiential design help create a beach-front haven for a passionate couple from Texas… Click to read more..


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