Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ar. Renzo Piano, Ar. Abin Chaudhury, Ar. Haresh Lakhani, schmidt hammer lassen architects and more…


Design is culture-centric. The way one lives, dresses, eats… all have a bearing on the people of the place as a whole. Feeling enriched with the art and architecture of Milan, and chewing upon the design sensibilities of its people, I am left absolutely amazed at the systems in place. With underlying methodologies in place, one can truly accomplish great deeds. More on this in due course.

The opening of Milan’s new school of design was a cozy chic affair. I am just awaiting some exceptional pictures that I can share with you as I tell you all. Until then, our fare for this week includes a beatific home with a view in Hyderabad, a progressive institutional architecture project from Hong Kong and a sustainable temple pavilion in Kolkata. And the highlight is a new building for the Kimbell Art Museum in Texas by master architect Renzo Piano.

Enjoy your read.
Savitha Hira

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  Rainbow Field
  A temporary temple pavilion resonates in a kaleidoscope of colour and light in an open field on the outskirts of Kolkata...
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  Home with a View
  This open-to-nature home straddles rustic eco-friendliness as well as sophisticated technological advancements  - basking in the best of both worlds...
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Global Hop

Kimbell Art Museum   Process
  Kimbell Art Museum, Texas
  Originally designed by Louis Kahn in 1972, Kimbell Art Museum's new building that accommodates its growing exhibition... 
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  New Island School, Hong Kong
  schmidt hammer lassen architects once again lay down an international winning entry for yet another educational institute, proving yet...
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