Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Waterfront Icon proposed for Paris; Community Housing in Tokyo; Sound as Architecture; Minimalism in Building Design & more


Warm wishes for a very Happy, Healthy & Successful New Year 2015!

You can look forward to a whole lot of new experiences this coming year. Team IAnD brings you a host of features collated with a special focus on providing you with design ideas; equipping you with by-the-minute decor tips and tricks; delighting you with excellent art and architectural features and much much more...

Three very promising aspects of design that we feature this week are: minimalist architecture – the home by Frans Silvestre Architects that stands loftily in its poetic form; the formal dynamics of expansive buildings as seen in the new centre for Paris by Arte Charpentier Architects; and sound as a growing medium of architectural interpretation – seen here in the exhibition design ‘Echo’ by Orproject.

Cheers! To the wonderful promising year ahead!! Please do continue to write in to us with your feedback. We absolutely love your inputs.

Savitha Hira
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Dynamism in Design
Arte Charpentier Architectes in partnership with Abciss-Architectes are all set to design the new Centre de Congrès et de Spectacles de Calais with an architectural vocabulary that exudes dynamism both, in the interiors as well as the exteriors!
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  Sculpting Sound
  In lieu of a typical white-cube gallery, Orproject transforms the soundscape of Beijing into a three-dimensional display installation for an exhibit on the city...
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Global Hop
  Serenading Formal Architecture
  "Spectacular" would be an understatement, when it comes to describing Balint House in Valencia by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. It has poetry in its being...
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  The 'Big' Little House!
  "Isana" designed by Niko Design Studio is an abstract conceptualization of  'a little house in the woods'...
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Product Hub
  "India Art n Design is a formidable forum for all artists and designers from every related industry. This is a great space for exposure to a variety of art forms and for both novices as well as veterans. It is great how you keep on top of all the latest trends both, nationally and internationally - this ensures a way for all in the arts to keep abreast of everything going on around them. A fabulous effort. Keep it up!"
Jaisim Krishna Rao
Founder, Architect & Professor
Jaisim - Fountainhead
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