Wednesday, January 14, 2015

O’Donnell & Toumey building nominated for Mies Van der Rohe award; a Bombay kitsch bar ambiance; mountaintop residence; quirky bookshelves & more


With the onus on holistic development, a progressive design trend seems to be augmenting institutional design and architecture in a big way. The gradually progressing perspective of an educational institution has made way for a more vibrant colour palette; minimalist structural interventions fostering community space; and a radical shift in the way institutes ‘ought to be’!

We feature the award-winning student centre at the London School of Economics by the renowned duo O’Donnell & Toumey and the sensitive extension of the Gainfarn School in Austria.

Adding a light-hearted read are our other features that take you from a plush mountaintop resort-like home to the kitsch tales of good old Mumbai!!
Enjoy your read!

Savitha Hira
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Bombay in a Bar!
The Bombay Bronx is everything that Mumbai is. In fact, one visit to the bar-n-restaurant will familiarize you with all things associated with everyday life in Mumbai…
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  Design your personal book-look!
  Are you an absolute bookie and yearn for your little privy nook? Well, here are some pointers on how you could carve your little niche - no matter what space you choose to do it in!
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Global Hop
  Dynamic & Sustainable Architectural Vocab!

The new Saw Swee Hock Student centre for London School of Economics is a building that embodies dynamism in the utmost form...

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  Understated, ingenious makeover!
  A strategic spurt of multi-colours augments the restructure and extension of the old Gainfarn School in Austria into a brand new community vocabulary...
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  Mountaintop Melody
  Perched on the peak of an imposing rocky promontory in Saint Sauveur, Canada, this residence, originally built in concrete in the 1980s has been refurbished into a trendy beatific dream home...
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