Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Set Design or Structural Architecture? Cultural metaphors in Architecture; Spatial relationships; Ephemeral Art & more.


The entertainment industry continues to improvise with technological and aesthetic evolutions that leave audiences spellbound. It isn’t just the volume or the extravagance that amazes; it is the perceptive stage treatments, the scenography that leaves us impressed!

Little ideas correlate with big ones as we explore a week of ephemeral art and architecture with Wuhan’s new inclusions, King Lear theatre and of course the ice hotel! The features explore varying degrees of creativity, materiality and user-perception. Apart from the entertainment and hospitality arenas, even our feature on residential design engages with and explores space and its multi-dimensional concepts.

Enjoy the treat!

Savitha Hira
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Spatial Relationships
Communicating through a dynamic spatial vocabulary, Ar. Kapil Aggarwal of Spaces Architects@ka, chisels a sprawling farmhouse on a 2.5 acres site in South Delhi...
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  Walk-in Wardrobes - Pamper Yourself
  Are walk-in wardrobes and closets still the ultimate luxury; or are they hallmarks of your everyday zest for life? IAnD infers on the latter...
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Global Hop
  Set Design or Structural Architecture? Or two ends of the same Rainbow?
  Stufish Entertainment Architects continue to explore the thematic of traditional Chinese symbolism to mount the Franco Dragone Water Show...
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  Cultural Symbolism in Contemporary Architecture
  Mark Fisher of Stufish Entertainment Architects references traditional symbolism of local Chu-Han culture to design Wanda Movie Theme Park in Wuhan...
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  Thought n Impact
  Theatre? No, Ephemeral Architecture!
  Ar. Mazen Chamseddine converts old barracks into a theatre for a contemporary version of Shakespeare's King Lear... 
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  Ephemeral Art - Ice Hotel, Sweden
  Reborn in a new avatar each year, Sweden’s Ice Hotel offers a unique  experience in a setting so artistic, it's quite unlike anything you've ever experienced before...
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Product Hub
  “We have followed up indiaartndesign.com materials and publications for quite a long time and have noticed high level of the published projects and serious informational content of the provided materials. We are very glad that our actual cooperation started in 2014 with first publication of our project on your website (SKA Hockey team Sports Complex). This experience appeared to be successful. Our project attracted interest of the India Art n Design visitors and members. Cooperation with the website managers was also very effective and helpful and showed high professional attitude of your specialists. We hope to continue our cooperation in 2015. As architects we are very interested in the foreign partners’ and colleagues’ opinion about our projects. Such communicational experience is valuable and important for us. A.Len team would like to express our gratitude to the India Art n Design specialists. We congratulate you with the New Year and wish your company prosperity, new bright ideas, partners and friends in 2015!"
Sergey Oreshkin
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