Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Somaya & Kalappa design Mumbai’s first Textile Gallery; EDA calls for reconstruction in Nepal; can an inward-designed home help combat rising temperatures and lack of greenery? And more


As the authorities that be continue to research on varied parameters of lifestyle and living, expanding our knowledge sphere, we, collectively, seek to better our living conditions. Designers play an important role here - not only as informed professionals but as conscientious path breakers too. Top of the list this week is a small but concerned thought for the earthquake-ridden Nepal and the ongoing efforts for rehabilitation and reconstruction. The EDA is a body that aims to work towards the reconstruction and rehabilitation of calamity-stricken areas around the world. A laudable effort that we are sure many fellow professionals would want to contribute to. Take a look at the feature for details.

Mumbai has now secured a selection of its heritage textile heirlooms in a dedicated gallery at the CSMVS. While we bring you the design aspects of the gallery, we urge you to visit the collection for an intriguing look-back at our cultural musings. Monochrome residential interiors; the classic touch of traditional architectural elements in a modern home; wellness tenets applied to office interiors; a clever juggling of space for an attic office... have distinctive design bytes on offer.

We leave you with a reflective thought for the less fortunate, while we (you and I) continue to build our aspirations and pursue our dreams.

Savitha Hira
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Thought n Impact
Towards an Earthquake-Resistant Reconstruction of Nepal
Architects have a very significant role to play in society. Emergency and Development Architects, who are gearing up to work towards the integrated and sustainable earthquake-resistant reconstruction of Nepal make a mass appeal...
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  Mumbai's Textile and Costume Gallery at CSMVS
  Mumbai's first Textile and Costume Gallery at the CSMVS opens to collective nods of appreciation as the curated collection sits in a breezy trendy envelope...
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  Uninterrupted Design
  A home in Bangalore relies on skylights, wall-free spaces, indoor landscaping and a multi-purpose water feature to maximise interaction, natural light and ventilation...
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Global Hop
  Wellness Dimension in Corporate Design
  Architect Alberto Apostoli's team churns out a stunning office space for insurance major Allianz-Ragno Agency in Italy that radiates wellness, end-to-end...
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  Walking amid Clouds
  Ever wondered what would it be like to walk amid clouds? Japan's Sasaki Architecture gives us an impressive glimpse of this experience in a recent interior project...
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  Return of the Monochrome
  Sometimes, some of the simplest things are the most beautiful ones, and it seems the monochrome interiors of 1960's are making a comeback...
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Product Hub
  India Art n Design is in a single word - 'Engaging'. I'd give it a 4 on 5 for its content quality and visual impact. The best thing I like about the ezine is the variety of the articles; and simple and clear presentation of the website is good. One definite suggestion - maybe have a section dedicated for student work from various design institutes (especially NID and the like…). We need to give our students’ work more exposure…..and understand design education in India. I wish IAnD all the very best! Keep up the good work; budding young entrepreneurs need to be aware of websites like yours.
Raul D’souza
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