Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Want a rush of adrenaline? Dine at the travelling rooftop restaurant; Give back to society by creating with natural materials; Get your kid a fully-operational real-like doll house and much more


Both extremities bring a thrill to life and living – going back to our natural materials and methodologies and at the other extreme, doing something out-of-the-box, futuristic, like dining on the rooftop of the most prominent buildings of the world!! After the resounding success of ‘The Cube’, architects Park Associati have designed the travelling ‘Priceless’ restaurant, currently stationed in Milano. It hopes to visit some of Europe’s prominent destination rooftops!

The thrill continues as Seoul plans a sky garden on one of its elevated highways, proposing to give a green lift to urbanity. Thrill complements pride, when raw materials are natural and still create a superb modern feel; when organic and healthy fresh food can reach the consumer through urban farming methods; when the old and the new co-exist in the revered Oxford University, celebrating the eras that were, and rejoicing in the times that are…

Design is a tool to celebrate life! Enjoy!

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A Sustainable Core
Delhi-based architectural and interior design firm 42mm Architecture designs and builds an office for Crystal Crop - an agrochemical manufacturer - using basic crisp forms created out of natural raw materials to achieve an earthy yet sophisticated aesthetic...
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  Mini Architecture
  Alternating between an imaginary house, an architectural model and a Barbie doll diorama is a cute, sturdy 900 x 1500 x 1800 mm dollhouse designed by Architecture BRIO…
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Global Hop
  Thought n Impact
  Urban Farming System
  Urban Farm Urban Barn is a concept that integrates agricultural beds, commercial area and community market to rejuvenate a deteriorated urban environment...
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  Thought n Impact
  Seoul's Proposed Skygarden
  The proposed transformation of Seoul's 938 metre section of elevated highway into public space transcends its function as a mere public space to a meaningful giving-back to society...
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  Tubular Steel amidst Victorian Architecture
  The new steel structure by Zaha Hadid Architects that connects the disparate buildings within the Oxford University campus is a modern yet sensitive approach...
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  Priceless Milano - Travelling Roof-top Restaurant!
  The Milano Expo 2015 gets its ultimate epicurean treat -Priceless Milano - a travelling restaurant that will showcase speciality gastronomic delights atop various locales in Milan...
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Product Hub
  "A fantastic platform, where design and art meet. Wish you the best in future endeavours"
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Co-Founder & Partner
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