Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spectacular facade of Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore; Farmhouse tailor-made for 3 generations; European-esque fine-dine in Mumbai and more


There is a lot to look back to in our ancient systems, methodologies and philosophies; much of it based on rationale and scientific approach. It is another matter that we are not fully aware of the import of such practices and most often, remain ignorant or satisfied with half-baked knowledge. The Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore by Greg Shand Architects is a beautifully curated modern piece of architecture seeped in the Indian context. A recommended read and I’m sure a must-visit, when next in Singapore.

Another project that impacts this week is the farmhouse by PVDRS Architects. The interior-architecture-cum-landscape project is a delightful abode of multiplicity for a family comprising three generations - another must-read!

The human brain needs to feed on something new at periodic intervals and ShroffLeon architects have done their bidding with two theme-based restaurants in the burgeoning fine-dine scenario of Mumbai. Another such, the Zoku Loft – a unique concept in hotel design is soon to make its presence felt in Amsterdam, before it begins its hop across the world.

And don’t forget to stop by the all new world class technologically advanced production house of the Al Jazeera channel. It’s truly exhilarating!

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