Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Architectural ode to Kazi Nazrul Islam; ethnicity and modern decor; graphic architectural forms; fresh ideas from design students and more.


We speak of fresh ideas being path-breakers, monolithic linear masses endorsing a succinct architectural vocabulary; we relate comfortably to the now and then harmonising... so many elements, simple, complex, random, radical, clichéd... what is it that one finally looks for in building design? Just how vast is the subject? How far can the masters-that-be push the envelope? What works ultimately – the timeless or the just-initiated? Are there rules that govern tastes? Are there...? Will there be...? What about...? Our office is buzzing with rhetorics that create a buzz and give birth to new ideas. We are sure the same works with the creatives that get featured in our columns.

So, cheers to new thoughts, and old thoughts that rehash themselves to attune to the new! Indulge and share your insights with us at We are waiting to add on to our right brains!


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Nazrul Tirtha: Poetry in Concrete
A museum and academic research centre dedicated to the late revolutionary poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, architecturally expresses his zealous ideas through a series of "twisted"  cuboids...
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  The Design Storyboard
  Mumbai-based Ar. Kunal Barve's approach to design brings to the fore his uncanny sensitivity to the site and his preoccupation with the minutest detail...
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Global Hop
  Monochrome Magic
  Ar. Juergen Mayer uses a black and white schematic to accentuate a modern mixed-use building, opting for a complete shift from...
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  The Courtyard Office
  This adaptive reuse project transforms the most banal of commercial box buildings into a light-filled courtyard office space, specifically outfitted for...
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  Adding Colour to Context
  A series of cohesive space frames - open and enclosed -rejuvenate the horticultural high school Honoré de Balzac in the south of France...
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  Concepts by Collaboration
  Italian furniture honcho Cappellini draws out fresh ideas from the student pool for upcoming airport lounges in Milan, Miami and Tokyo...
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Product Hub
  “India Art n Design is an interesting and well- curated design portal with a thoughtful and unique approach to their articles. Not only is it a great platform for designers to showcase their work and impart information, it also reaches out to people beyond the design realm. IAnD has showcased two of our projects and we loved the way they were described in an ingenious style like a story unfolding with a right mixture of photographs and text. The ezine is engaging and it showcases work both, local and international, being truly glocal. We are grateful to be associated with IAnD and thereby with such talented peers in the design community.”
Sameer & Shilpa Balvally
Principal Architects
Studio Osmosis Mumbai

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