Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monsoon Special Edition: Busting monsoon myths; trending wearables and home decor; landscaping and the monsoons and much more


“I am dotted silver threads dropped from heaven
By the gods. Nature then takes me, to adorn
Her fields and valleys.
I am beautiful pearls, plucked from the
Crown of Ishtar by the daughter of Dawn
To embellish the gardens.”

Ar. Ajay Suryawanshi recalls these lines from a beautiful poem by Gibran - his ode to the beauty of rain. Ajay throws light on an important aspect of landscape architecture with some invaluable advice on growing and maintaining a garden during the monsoons; a must-read for all the green-fingered.

We bring you our Monsoon Special Edition with a bouquet of information on home decor trends, fashion-forward monsoon beat, brandishing colour to drive away the monsoon blues and some fundamental do’s and don’ts. We also bust some popular myths.

Another highlight of this issue is the special interest story on the Avani-Kumaon community that lives on harvested rainwater for seven months of the year! Way to go!!

Enjoy the issue and leave us your feedback.

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IAnD Exclusive
Monsoons and Landscaping
Lush green soft landscaping and the monsoons share a special bond. Building and landscape architect, Ajay Suryawanshi, shares his valuable insights on developing and maintaining landscaped areas during the monsoons; as he showcases his work with the Yarina and Jesica farms...
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  IAnD Exclusive
  The Monsoon Home Décor Guide 
  Fuss-free yet trendy home décor ideas to counter the wet weather!
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  IAnD Exclusive
  Monsoon Style Guide
  Don't let the monsoons dampen your style. IAnD recommends these wardrobe essentials that are both, stylish and functional.
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  Monsoon Mania - Tips and Tricks
  Here are some tips and tricks that will banish the mundane and the monsoon blues, leaving your home glowing with pride!
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  IAnD Exclusive
  Living with Rainwater
  The Avani community in Kumaon Himalayas lives on rainwater for more than seven months a year. Co-founder, Rashmi Bharti gives a first-hand account...
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  IAnD Exclusive
  Rainbow Colours
  Grey clouds, overcast skies and heavy rains translate into more time at home. Let’s add pizzazz and ratchet up that cheery vibe so you can enjoy the magic of the monsoons...
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  IAnD Exclusive
  Let us bust those monsoon myths!
  We begin the Monsoon Special Issue by busting some popular myths! Read on to ensure you bask in truly relaxed monsoon mania…
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Global Hop
  Interactive Gardens: Highlight of 16th International Garden Festival
  International Garden Festival held in Quebec aims at intriguing and exciting visitors with the unknown and the unfamiliar...
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  Of Lines and Angles
  Ar. Masahiko Sato's latest design of a residence is an excellent play of volumes - an interesting construction in wood that gives no indication of what lies within...
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Product Hub
  “I am very glad that finally we have a design magazine, which publishes realistic and sensible works of design. A culmination of raw and new talents will definitely help young designers and architects to gain inspiration for their work, and India Art and Design is doing a great job at this. All the very best for your further endeavours.”
Ar. Ashish Bhuvan
Sustainable Design Expert
IdeinLab Architects, Bangalore

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