Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Architecture as inspiration; The un-theatre experience for performing art; Messner’s last museum by Zaha Hadid; Introspective public art and more


Design is a language that touches one on a metaphysical plane giving rise to a multitude of thoughts: it inspires as much as it challenges; its aura evocative of quirk at one extreme, whilst serene philosophy at the other. A look at the three projects – the public art project at Nantes, France; the miniature concrete building models by Studio Material Immaterial and the ‘still not a theatre’ –Maillon, also in France, push the envelope of conventional thinking, making one sit up and introspect.

Our surroundings are mellifluously filled with umpteen such elements, nuances that provoke and elicit responses that are meant to go beyond the physical realm; touch deep within. Change is the constant resultant that reinstates the cause-effect relationship here, contributing wholesomely to the idiom of growth.

In a ponderous mood...

Savitha Hira
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Thought n Impact
Fluid as Creative Juices
Deeply rooted within contemporary creation and at the crossing point of performing arts, Le Maillon theatre aims to reach outside of its walls and extract the performing arts world from its occasional elitist position...
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  Play of volumes and voids
  A miniature concrete model by Material Immaterial Studio builds on the idea of space as an inherently formless vapour that constantly surrounds our being...
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  Classic-Modern Interiors
  Square Consultancy Services' show flat for a residential apartment building in Kolkata addresses the limitations of standard architectural design and detailing...
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Global Hop
  Contextual Installation in Nantes, France
  Baptiste Debombourg's public art statement in Nantes, France, is yet another instance of unorthodox musings, such as placing work in unexpected contexts...
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  Hinge Design Building
  The United Nations affiliated World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmo, Sweden comes to fruition after four years and a three-stage international competition win...
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  Messner's Last Museum
  Here's a fitting tribute to adventurous and successful mountaineers - a symbolic built form hung over the precipice...
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Product Hub
  “I really like your magazine. I am very curious to see more art and architecture coming from India, also in interaction with international artworks”.
Baptiste Debombourg
Installation Artist

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