Wednesday, August 5, 2015

India gets its Architectural Archives; International awardee ADS gives new dimension to contemporary design; Thematic Consolini Hotel suites commemorate celebrities and more


We are challenged every day. With so much being said about innovation and design thinking permeating the corporate and management genres and being an instrumental tool in strategy formulations, the onus on design – especially from a 3600 perspective is the call of the day. And as one delves a little under the surface, one is more oft than not, confronted with aeons-old wisdom. A simple case of old wine in a new bottle!

Our stories have tried to enunciate this rootedness, time and again. And here we are, once again, sharing with you nuanced architectural and interior spaces that tend to look back to look forward. Check out the features- especially the House with Character by Abin Design Studio and the thematic hotel suites and leave us your views.

A new feather in the architecture-design community hat is the opening of the CEPT University’s Architectural Archives Centre. India’s first, this surely promises to be an invaluable resource centre for all involved in the passion and appreciation of building design.

Savitha Hira
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House with Character
Built around Vaastu ideologies and embracing nature abundantly within its contours… is this ‘rooted’ bungalow by Abin Design Studio that gives a new dimension to contemporary design…
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  India's first Architectural Archives Centre
  The CEPT University at Ahmedabad inaugurates its archival library at the hands of the eminent art and architectural historian, Prof. M. A. Dhaky...
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  Playing to the Senses
  Ansa Interior Designers create a mellifluous design vocab that asserts with familiarity; but is distinctive in the milieu of expected luxury in Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh...
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Global Hop
  Celebrity-inspired Design
  Ar. Alberto Apostoli's design of Hotel Consolini in northern Italy has him translating idiosyncratic features of 10 Italian public figures into suite themes...
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