Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Furniture designer Aarti Aggarwal| Ar. Abin Chaudhuri’s Ballygunge magic |Design abstraction using old boats and more


Why do we have so many design festivals? So many product showcases? Something new unfolding almost every 30 hours, whether on local, domestic or international fronts. It is the need to congregate. The need to assimilate and participate in the niche sphere of activity that secures one’s knowledge base, feeds one’s idea-pot, fuels one’s passion...

For design transcends all hitherto tried and tested formulae – despite the déjà vu at one extreme and cutting-edge breakthrough at the other. Take for instance the 6 Ballygunge place that mixes influences to throw up a homely eatery, intriguing within one’s comfort zone. A similar principle applies to the furniture designed by Aarti Aggarwal, who makes one feel especially catered to with her attention to detail.

Thematic design wins hands down each time; testimony - the old boats as temporary shelters and the Vivarium project.

Discover the ingenuities for yourself...

Savitha Hira
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Artistically natural furniture for the truly contemporary home!
Product and furniture studio, KNOCK ON WOOD (KNW) founded by Aarti Aggarwal celebrates wood in its purest form...
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  6 Ballygunge Place: Celebrating heritage with a twist!
  The design of renowned 6 Ballygunge Place contemporizes the region's traditionally-rich art and cultural heritage in a pastiche of pop colours and kitsch style...
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  Dakshineshwar Skywalk - a monumental adjunct to the renowned Kali Temple
  Decongesting and structuring devotee-traffic to Kolkata’s Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, DFI follow the tried and tested ‘Form-follows-Function’ principle...
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Global Hop
  Boat-huts: seeking freedom through architecture!
  a 21 studio from Vietnam play with the idea of conserving memories through their design of temporary field-shelters...
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  Nature factored into the built form
  Natura Archetonic - a residential project led by Ar.Jacobo Mizrahi is a study in how man's basic need for shelter creates a synergy...
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  Terrarium-thematic restaurant wins INSIDE Award 2015!
  Hypothesis' adaptive reuse project - Vivarium brought home victory with their recent win at the INSIDE Award 2015!
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